Who Are We?

Yaufey is a home appliance brand focusing on the development and technological innovation in the field of dehumidifiers. We are committed to creating quality, efficient smart home appliances that are widely used by customers.

Our Products

Yaufey has a full range of dehumidifier products, including household dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers, drying dehumidifiers and more. Yaufey dehumidifiers are widely used in the household, commerce, industry and other fields to improve the humidity in living and manufacturing environments.

We understand the importance of properly controlling the indoor humidity. The purpose of controlling humidity is to prevent an over-humid air environment from adversely affecting human body or the house surroundings. Considering people’s needs for humidity control in living and manufacturing environments, Yaufey dehumidifiers have adopted cutting-edge technologies and eqipped automatic humidistats to keep the indoor humidity within a comfortable range all the time. We aim to provide an effective humidity solution for your living and manufacturing environments.

Meanwhile, Yaufey has established branches in Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. We hope Yaufey dehumidifiers help global users solve the troubles caused by excessive humidity.


It is our responsibility to ensure the product quality. Yaufey always insists on strict control over the every link from design, R&D to production. All Yaufey products comply with ETL standards and have obtained DOE energy efficiency certification.

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